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Pricing Enquiry

  1. How do I get a quote?
    Thank you for choosing Parcel4u to arrange delivery of your parcel. It's easy to get quotes from
    leading delivery companies through us by clicking on the 'Get a Quote' tab at the top of our

    The quotes you receive will be calculated using:
    1. Accurate information about the size (in cm) and weight (in kg) of your parcel (see 'volumetric
    weight' below)
    2. Details of where you would like the parcel to be collected from and delivered to
    Please note:
    There are certain items that our carriers will not be able to deliver, for various legal or practical
    reasons. Other types of items could be delivered, but could not be covered by our insurance
    scheme. Different couriers have different limits on the size/weight of the parcels they can accept,
    which is why you might not be offered quotes from all of the couriers we work with.

    If you are in any doubt about whether or not we will be able to arrange a delivery, please contact us.

    Volumetric weight
    Our partner couriers calculate their charges based on your parcel's 'volumetric weight' which is
    calculated using the parcel's dimensions (height, weight, depth) in centimetres, and physical weight
    in kilograms. This will be automatically calculated for you when you enter the dimensions and weight
    of your parcel in our 'Get a Quote' form.

    It is very important that you enter the correct, accurate dimensions and weight – even small errors
    can make a big difference to the price of collection and delivery, particularly when delivering
    overseas. If you understate or underestimate the dimensions and weight, we reserve the right to
    recover any additional delivery charges from you.

    If you have any difficulties in weighing or measuring your parcel, please contact us and we will do
    our best to help.

    Additional charges
    The quotes you will receive are for collection and delivery of your parcel. There may be additional
    charges that would apply in certain circumstances. These are described below, but if you have any
    queries or would like to check whether these charges would apply to you then please just contact us

    Not included in your quote are:
    1. Insurance
    The couriers we work with do not offer insurance as standard, but you could choose to pay a small
    sum to cover your parcels. This amount is typically 5% of the value of the parcel, and there will be
    limits to the amount you can claim, which will depend on the courier. There are a range of insurance
    options available through the different couriers – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    2.Customs charges
    Customs charges could apply to any parcel delivery to anywhere outside the EU. As each country's
    rules on customs charges are different, we regret that we are unable to advise whether your parcel
    could be subject to such a charge, or how much that would be.

Collection Enquiry

  1. Collection Enquiry
    The courier companies we work with are able to collect parcels from a number of different locations,
    meaning that you do not always need to be there to hand over your items to the courier.
    For your nearest collection point, or to discuss alternative collection arrangements, please contact
    If you were expecting your item to be collected but your courier has not yet done so, please feel free
    to contact us and we will do everything we can to resolve this for you.

International Parcels

  1. Who will deliver my parcels?
    We work in partnership with several major courier companies that offer a worldwide service and
    have a proven track record of safe, reliable deliveries. These companies include DHL, the United
    States Postal Service, FedEx, UPS and Interlink Express.
  2. What documentation do I need?
    The documentation you will need will depend on where your parcel is being delivered to.

    Delivery inside the EU
    For delivery within the EU, all you need is your address label, which you can print off once you have
    booked your courier through us.

    Delivery outside the EU
    For deliveries outside the EU, you will need an address label and a commercial invoice. The latter
    will be available for you to print when you order, so there is nothing you need to do other than print.
    You will need to list the contents of your parcel when you order a delivery for outside the EU. This is

    so that the customs officials in the country you are sending your parcel to can check whether any
    customs duties are payable.
    If your parcel is held in customs (for instance, if the contents attract local duties or taxes), your
    courier will do their best to clear this as quickly as possible. However, if additional information is
    required, or if extra fees are payable, your item could remain in customs for as long as it takes for
    this to be resolved.

    Often customs officials will contact the person who is due to receive a parcel, to ask for extra
    information or to collect an additional fee. It is a good idea, therefore, to ensure that the recipient's
    contact details are given to us when you book, to aid your courier.

Account Enquiry

  1. Account Enquiry
    If you have any questions about your account, or if you have difficulty accessing your account
    online, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Please note that all of our services require you to print out labels or other documents. If you are
    unable to do this, please contact us and we can offer advice about how else you could obtain the
    documents you need to send your parcel.

Delivery Enquiry

  1. Delivery Enquiry
    If you have any queries about your delivery, please contact us. However, you may simply want to
    know where your parcel is and when it is likely to reach its destination, in which case you can use
    our easy tracking service. Just click on the 'Track a Parcel' tab at the top of our home screen and
    you will be able to track your parcel using your unique parcel tracking code.

    If you have lost your tracking code or have any other delivery queries, please contact us. We can
    also help you to identify and find your nearest or most convenient drop-off point if you are not
    intending to have your parcel collected from your home address.

    If you have experienced any difficulty with your delivery, first of all we apologise for any
    inconvenience suffered. Please get in touch with us straight away so that we can try to resolve any
    problems, or to discuss insurance or claim queries.

General Enquiry

  1. General Enquiry
    We offer a quick and easy way to organise collection and delivery of your parcels. We can arrange
    for your parcel to be sent locally, nationally or internationally and have same day or next day
    delivery options available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or click 'Get a Quote'.

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